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My name is Jackie and I am a Hudson Valley Dog Blogger.
You may be familiar with me through my other site,, where I talk about things to do in the Hudson Valley and how to capture the best moments to share with others.

Why did I become a Dog Blogger for the Hudson Valley?

As a Native New Yorker (born and raised in the Bronx), Hudson Valley resident (for all of my adult-life), and avid Hudson Valley explorer, I have first hand knowledge about everything that has to do with the Hudson Valley.

As I worked on my site, Hudson Valley Explored, I kept coming across the same questions:

  • Is there anywhere that I can explore that allows dogs, besides my local dog park?
  • Do you know of any good dog groomers, besides Petsmart?
  • Do you know of any dog sitters?
  • What is the best gear for my puppy?
  • and so many more…

And because Hudson Valley Explored is super focused on adventures for humans, I began to brainstorm how I can also help you explore the Hudson Valley with their furry sidekick(s). And a becoming a dog blogger just seemed like the the perfect next step.

What makes me different from another Dog Blogger?

For one, I am ULTRA FOCUSED on creating this website all about the Hudson Valley and your pet(s).

While other dog bloggers are more generalized, I am laser-focused on helping you, the Hudson Valley pet owner, find:

  • Places to see in the Hudson Valley
  • Things to do in the Hudson Valley
  • Dog friendly events in the Hudson Valley
  • Along with a FULL Directory at your disposal
    • Hudson Valley Groomers
    • Hudson Valley Day Cares/Boarders
    • Hudson Valley Medical Care Facilities
    • Hudson Valley Pet Specific Specialty Shops
    • Small Business Pet Stores
    • and more…
Oreo in front of the Gomez Mill House

Who/What Inspired me to be a Dog Blogger?

If you’ve read my other blog or peeked at my Instagram account, you will have seen my beautiful princess, Oreo.

Oreo is the light of our lives and has saved us all in so many ways.

She is a rescue dog that we saw online in December 2014 and instantly fell in love.

Oreo and her little mates

Here’s the Backstory:

We have a 9-year old toy Maltese named Dexter. Dexter is a tiny old man and weighs approximately 7 pounds. When we moved to a house from an apartment, we thought it was a good idea to get him a companion.

While searching and inquiring and visiting many Hudson Valley animal rescues, we were running into the issue that all the dogs/pups that were up for adoption were just too big. We needed another small dog because Dexter suffers from anxiety and is generally scared of anything large in his life, except of us, of course.

So, we looked online at pet adoption websites, like and, after so much searching, came across Oreo and her litter mates.

She was found, abandoned with her litter mates, in a motel in Little Rock, Arkansas. And when I peered into those beautiful puppy eyes, I knew she was ours. She is said to be a mix of Chihuahua and Japanese Chin (which I had never heard of until that moment).

We drove to New Jersey to meet her transport on a rainy cold December day. When she was finally in the car with us, we immediately fell in love.

Tails of the Hudson Valley inspires other dogs, like Oreo, to enjoy the Hudson Valley to the fullest.
Oreo posing pretty for a pic
Our two dogs, Oreo & Dexter.
Oreo & her brother, Dexter

And she is the reason I look tirelessly all over the Hudson Valley for places to take her to and places to buy her the best toys and products.
And that is the reason why I am here, sharing my knowledge with you.

She rescued us…

She is a loyal companion, is in tune with everyone’s needs, has an amazing sense of humor and is the best friend any of us could ever have.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and I hope the story of your life, with your furry friend(s), is filled with health, love and adventures.

Feel free to go here and send me a message. I respond to every email I receive.

I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want the Tails of the Hudson Valley experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including me.

I firmly believe that I’m not special, just a normal gal who enjoys what I do. In everything I do here with Tails of the Hudson Valley, I truly want to make this small part of the internet a better place.

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